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The Beer Brewery Equipment

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The small capacity beer equipment is usually working for small and middle-sized brewery .The flavorous draft beer will be packed into bottles or kegs for long distance storage and sales .
A full set beer equipment is required to operated under specific beer brewing process .
From the initial malt milling step , making wort in different tanks by the mashing - filtration - boiling - whirlpool process takes 6-8 hours, and the coming process of fermentation period takes about 12-20 days.
The fresh beer after fermentation period can be directly drinking and selling. If equipped with fine filtration and sterilization equipment, the beer can be filled into bottles or cans to save longer time .
Besides producing the full set beer equipment , WEIZE also attach importance to the service quality . Our professional engineers are ready for helping clients do beer equipment installation and maintenance .Our excellent beer brewers team are pleased to training the brewing operation steps and various beer recipes . We would like to arrange deeper communicate with customers to conclude the most suitable design and specification .










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